About The ReptiGene Project

In a nutshell, we hope to use gene sequencing to bring a higher standard of transparency to the reptile breeding industry.

We will sequence and assemble the whole genome of the Kenyan Sand Boa. Using that sequence as a reference, we will be able to locate and sequence the color and pattern mutations that are so prevalent in snakes. After making a platform for confirming specific mutations in KSBs, we will move on to the much larger repository of mutated genes that is the Ball Python. The knowledge gained from sequencing these snakes will allow us to study why certain mutations carry health issues along with the color/pattern changes, and maybe help us weed those issues out. The genomes we assemble will also help to make snake taxonomy more accurate and give a better picture to how creatures like the snake developed.

If you’d like to support our work, please take a look at our fundraiser.
If you’d like to offer samples (shed skin from single gene carriers) give us a shout on our facebook page.